You are cordially invited to join our latest Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme
! Your support to the promotion of web accessibility and digital inclusion can help everyone enjoy the benefits of the Internet!


Application Period:

16 December, 2019


19 June, 2020


The Internet is an integral part of our lives. By connecting the Internet through computers and mobile devices, one can easily conduct various activities online, like acquiring the latest information, entertainment, shopping and service booking, or interacting with friends and families. Everyone, including people with or without disabilities, should be able to access the Internet at their convenience to enhance the quality of living.

For enterprises and organisations, an accessible website or mobile app not only helps business development but also contributes to building an inclusive society.

By incorporating web accessibility designs,
organisations would:

Comply with the legal requirement on protection
against disability discrimination

Fulfill social responsibility and project positive
corporate image

Reach more customers by making online services
easy-to-use and easy-to-search by everyone

Make online services easier-to-maintain by adopting
the good coding practices of web accessibility design

Contribute to building a caring and inclusive society



Successful entrants which fulfill the corresponding judging criteria of the Website Stream and the Mobile App Stream will be awarded with the followings:

Triple Gold Award Gold Award Sliver Award Friendly Website / Mobile App

The Scheme also includes awards and recognitions for website or mobile app developers
as follows:

Recognised Designer Designer Award

Awarded or recognised enterprises and organisations can put the respective logos on their website or mobile app to show their support for the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme.



Application to the Scheme is free of charge and you are welcomed to join by completing the Application Form. For more details, you may refer to the Application Guide and the Scheme Website.

We will host serveral technical workshops in the first quarter of 2020 to assist organisations in upgrading the accessibility features of their websites or mobile apps. Please stay tuned for more information.

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